Saturday, February 8, 2014

Book Review: Naughty Neighbor

7 Days of Romance
Valentine's Day Reading

Naughty Neighbor is one of Janet Evanovich's early romance novels, which she originally wrote under a different name. Just like her famous Stephanie Plum series, this book offers a humorous mystery and features a spunky and likable female protagonist. 

Louisa Brannigan is a smart and independent woman working on Capitol Hill. She has everything together and her life may be somewhat dull, but it's mostly pleasant. Except... there's her neighbor, Pete. The smells from his kitchen seep down to her apartment, he parks in her spot, and steals her newspaper. When her car is mistaken for Pete's and vandalized, she's drawn into a mystery Pete has been attempting to solve. A mystery involving a missing pig whose disappearance may be linked to a sketchy politician. 

This romance was cute and fun. The book itself is short and I wish it were a bit longer and maybe the mystery was built-up a bit more. However, it was still a light, easy read with a touch of romance, mystery, and humor. It seemed almost like the characters and story from the Plum novels sort of got their start here. Louisa was a bit more successful and less clumsy than Stephanie, but seemed like she could definitely be related to the Plums. There was even a crazy grandma, though she was definitely a bit more crotchety than Grandma Mazur, though every bit as out spoken. 

Naughty Neighbor was a fun read and I'm giving it 3 out of 5 stars and I have now passed it on to my mom who I am sure will enjoy it.

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