Sunday, February 9, 2014

Book Review: Love is a Battlefield

7 Days of Romance

Kristy is a park ranger at Shiloh Monument National Park in Tennessee and was just left at the altar in front of all her friends and family. To make it worse, she already put in her notice to leave her beloved position at the park after the wedding. Her boss has already filled her position with a new ranger from out-of-state and Kristy is forced to accept a seasonal position. The new guy even gets her yellow office. Kristy tries hard not to like him, but it's hard to resist his charm...

Love is a Battlefield was a cute novel that had a bit of mystery thrown in. I do wish the mystery was better developed and maybe lasted throughout the whole book, rather than being solved in the middle. The mystery was really kind of what kept me turning the pages. So once it was solved I didn't really have much reason to keep reading. 

The book was still decent and the romance was cute. There was some drama as well and I liked how the main characters of books two and three were introduced in this book. I look forward to reading their stories as well. I am giving Love is a Battlefield 3 out of 5 stars.

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