Monday, December 9, 2013

Book Review: Perfect

Christmas Reading

This isn't typically the type of book I read. Not that it's in the romance genre, which I do read, but I mean the free Kindle books that are self-published or from super-small publishers. I just don't typically trust that they'll be good. However, as the year is coming to an end I'm trying to wrap-up (no pun-intended) the 50 States Reading Challenge and I still didn't have a book read for the state of Vermont. I noticed this one was based in Vermont (and it was free at the time) and decided to give it a try.

The book was definitely better than I expected. The story begins as Darcy Witherspoon's South Carolina-based restaurant, Sweet Grass, is up in flames- burning down to the ground. She is invited to stay with her friend Tom in his Black Moose, Vermont home to help take her mind off the fire. While in Black Moose she is introduced to Tom's best friend, Dylan and is quickly enamored with him.

Dylan is a good guy, he moved in to his brother's home to watch over his nieces while both their parents were deployed. He's a local painter and maple farmer and a very sweet guy. He's attracted to Darcy as soon as he meets her. Soon he and Darcy are trying to brighten up the holidays for Dylan's two young nieces. When Dylan's hippy parents return to town it's evident that Darcy fits very well into his family.

This was a sweet cozy romance and a lovely Christmas read. I loved the book being set in a ski town in Vermont. It certainly added to the holiday atmosphere of the book. I have very few complaints with the book. The biggest one being the amount of errors in the text. It's possible since this just appears to be a small-time author that she didn't have an editor or scopist to review the text for her and I personally find it hard to find my own errors... so maybe that's the case here. I just think if I were publishing a book I'd have an extra critical eye. 

Also, I felt a few situations weren't explained in the book (or maybe I missed them). One being what Darcy will now do that she'll be living in Black Moose. She was offered a job at the ski resort's restaurant, but I don't believe it was ever stated whether she accepted the position or not. Another, I don't think it was explained why no one could get in contact with Dylan's brother. All of the sudden on Christmas he was on Skype, but I don't remember the brother saying why he wasn't in contact with his family for almost a month. 

Another thing that is bothering me (and this has no effect on the book's rating or the story), but that guy on the cover has really skinny legs. I'm assuming it's supposed to represent hunky mountain man, Dylan, but those definitely don't look like the legs of someone so hunky and fit. It just sort of bothers me when characters on covers don't quite match how they're described in the book.

Other than those few minor problems, I enjoyed the book and I'm giving Perfect 3 out of 5 stars.

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