Thursday, December 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Samantha's Surprise

Christmas Reading


Samantha's Surprise is the third book in Samantha's American Girl series. Just like the first book, this book also is focused on a doll which Samantha wants. Samantha is eager for Christmas. She has made Christmas decorations for Grandmary's house, has a special holiday dress to wear, looks forward to making a gingerbread house, and attending her friend Ida's Christmas party. All of these things are cancelled though when Grandmary learns that Uncle Gard will be bringing Cornelia along for the holidays. Grandmary is very eager to make a good impression with Uncle Gard's fiance and soon everyone in the home is too busy making preparations to help Samantha with her plans.

The story for this book was nice enough. Samantha isn't exactly my favorite American Girl and her stories are often centered around material things. I suppose, that's the somewhat spoiled life Samantha leads, though. Samantha still has heart though and seems like a sweet girl. She's often charitable and focused on giving to others, whether it be her family or her poor friend Nellie. 

This would be a nice Christmas story for young girls. Samantha's Surprise is a short chapter book with a bit of history woven into its story. I am giving Samantha's Surprise 3 out of 5 stars.

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