Thursday, June 19, 2014

Book Review: The Lonely Polygamist

I've been reading The Lonely Polygamist for what seems like forever and I have finally finished. I guess the problem is that I put it down for several months and kept meaning to get back to it. I think the biggest problem is that its sheer amount of characters and side stories is so overwhelming and the book itself is about 600 pages. 

The Lonely Polygamist is the story of Golden, or as one of his many sons calls him "Sasquatch", who is a man who joined a fundamentalist offshoot of the Mormon church. Everything about Golden is larger than life and he can't seem to control any of it. From his size (his son calls him Sasquatch for a reason) to his large family with so many kids (I want to say 24 but can't remember) that when one is in an accident he's not actually able to determine at first which one it is, but is positive it is one of his children. 

This book was pretty funny, it had a dry sense of humor to it. Even when the most serious, darkest things happen to the family members the writing somehow remains light yet poignant and tinged with humor. The members of this oversized, quirky family find themselves victims to affairs, bombs, death, and one troublemaking ostrich. I enjoyed this book, despite it's volume, and am giving it 4 out of 5 stars.

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