Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Book Review: The Middlesteins

First book of 2013! I started reading this last night and I don't know what happened, the book flew by so fast! Usually I'm a slow reader and for me to read 120 pages in just a few hours (when usually it can take me a few days) is really awesome.

The story is so good, Edie Middlestein is eating herself to death. We're talking stopping at two drive-thrus before even getting to her main destination- a Chinese restaurant. Her husband has recently left her. She hates him anyways and they haven't had sex in years. Mr. Middlestein is just tired of it, but he's the one that's getting backlash from family members for leaving his sick wife. Oh yeah, by the way Edie has also been diagnosed with diabetes and several related illnesses. None of which has curbed her food addiction.

This is a beautiful story of family. At first, most of them are not so likable, but as the book progresses you slowly like some of them more. In this novel we see both family coming together and apart during hardships. I also loved how each chapter focused on a different family member and we saw different insights and perspectives into Edie's eating. 

I really thought this book was so nice and well-written. It was unique and yet familiar. I am giving The Middlesteins 5 out of 5 stars.

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