Thursday, December 19, 2013

Book Review: Gods Without Men

Short Review:

This novel was really deep and confusing at times. Gods Without Men is a New Age-y tale with multiple narrators and main characters. Some of the characters lived a hundred or more years ago while many of them are modern day people. The one thing that all the characters have in common are visits to a set of mysterious and possibly mystical rocks somewhere in the Mojave Desert. Much of the book revolves around one family in particular, The Matharus. The Matharus are a mixed-race couple, Jas is of Indian descent and his wife is Jewish. Their son, Raj, is autistic and doesn't speak, focus, and responds negatively to touch. He's known for having loud outbursts and tantrums. When the family is kicked out of a fancy resort because of Raj's behavior they end up in a shady motel in the California Desert. On a trip to see The Pinnacles, the odd rock formation, Raj disappears seemingly into thin air. 

Gods Without Men is a really great book, especially for anyone with an interest in New Age topics. There's a heavy focus on UFOs. I loved the multiple narratives and how many of the characters lives would intersect. I don't feel like the ending was fully explained, where exactly did Raj go? I guess not fully explaining does add to the esoteric-feel of the book, it leaves your mind open to ponder and draw your own conclusions. I am giving 4 out 5 stars to Gods Without Men. It's been on To-Read list for a while and I'm glad I finally got around to reading it.

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