Sunday, November 17, 2013

Showcase Sunday

Showcase Sunday is hosted by Books, Biscuits, and Tea and it's aim is to showcase our newest books or book-related swag and to see what everyone else received for review, borrowed from libraries, bought in bookshops, and downloaded onto eReaders each week.

Amazon Shipment #1

Amazon Shipment #1.2

  • The Secret of The Attic (Magic Attic Club #1) by Sheri Cooper Sinykin. This was part of the same shipment, but the book is thin so it didn't really fit so well into the previous picture. This is another one I plan to review for a future Throwback Thursday. I enjoyed this series also as a child. It seems the meant for them to be similar to the American Girl books and dolls, but it never really caught on. 
Amazon Shipment #2
Books for Zachery

  • Ruby's Falling Leaves. Zachery has always loved Max & Ruby and even though he's getting older (he's 5 1/2) and he is enjoying more boyish things, he still hasn't outgrown Max & Ruby. 
  • Pete The Cat: The First Thanksgiving. All the mommy blogs are raving about this book. I decided to pick it up for Zach, we haven't read it yet, but I'm hoping to get to it this weekend.
  • The Very First Americans. I had this book when I was a child and I loved it. I love learning about Native Americans and I hope Zach will too! Another one I'm hoping to get around to this weekend.
Amazon Shipment #1.2

  • The Berenstain Bears Give Thanks. This was supposed to be a part of the other shipment, but for some reason it was delayed by about two days. It said eligible for Prime, but I don't know maybe there was excess orders of this one for the Thanksgiving season. We love Berenstain Bears around these parts!
Amazon Shipment #3-4

  • Holiday Royale by Christine Rimmer. I pre-ordered this for Christmas reading for my blog and it came this week.
  • The Texas Ranger's Heiress Wife by Kate Welsh. I also pre-ordered this one but I thought it didn't come out until December. I was a bit surprised when the UPS guy brought it to the door!

A Novel Idea Bookshop Loot

  • Conquer The Night by Selina MacPherson. I'm making plans for romance books in honor of Valentine's Day for the month of February and the used book store in my area has so many good ones! I really like the old, cheesy looking ones.
  • Cheek to Cheek by Willa Hix. It was the unique cover that piqued my interest in this one. I didn't want to leave it at the bookshop so I had to buy it.  
  • Fires of Winter (Haardrad Viking Family #1) by Johanna Lindsey. I'm a sucker for vikings.
  • Tapestry by Sally Cheney. This one was in the .50 bin! I've been on a big Harlequin kick lately, so I was happy to find two really old Harlequin Historicals.
  • Improbable Eden by Mary Daheim. This is the other Harlequin Historical I found in the .50 bin!
  • The Magic Half by Annie Barrows. I've heard really great thing about this middle grade chapter book and decided to pick it up and give it a try.
Kindle Books



  • My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. I bought this one earlier in the week when it was Audible's Deal of The Day. I've been a bit reluctant to give Jodi Picoult a try because her books seem really sad and depressing. I'm so glad I took a chance though, because this book is soooo good so far. I'm almost done with it.

So, that's my book haul for the week! Honestly this is probably one of the largest hauls I've ever had. It'll probably be forever before I have the chance to read some of these books, though I do have some near future plans for many of them.

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