Monday, October 7, 2013

My Review of The Books of Elsewhere by Will Helms

Today's guest blogger is 10-year-old Will Helms who is going to share with us his review of his favorite spooky series!

Will Helms

The Books of Elsewhere series by Jacqueline West is about an eleven year old girl named Olive Dunwoody who moves into a creepy old house that is enchanted and lives there with her nerdy Mathematician parents. She finds spectacles that allow her to actually go through the houses creepy paintings and into a place called Elsewhere. The paintings were made by the previous owners, Aldous McMartin and his Granddaughter Annabelle who died in the house but who still live there as ghosts, haunting the mansion.

Olive has to solve all the mysteries of the house with the help of a painted boy named Morton who she met one of the paintings and three very animated, talking cats that were left behind to guard the house for the McMartins.

These books are very suspenseful and fun to read, especially around Halloween. My mom and I read two of them together and I am reading the others on my own. I highly recommend this series if you enjoy reading spooky mystery stories.

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