Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Scriptures

Happy Sunday, Bookworms! Well, today is the Sabbath and I'm new to a denomination that actually observes the Sabbath. I'm doing pretty well so far! Basically, the point is to not work, not make others work (so no shopping, eating out, etc), partake in the sacrament to renew the covenants made when baptized, spend time with family, and keeping Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ on our minds all day. At least, that's what I understand about the Sabbath. I've been told by many people that the Sabbath is interrupted slightly differently by every individual and family. If one prays about how Heavenly Father wants them to observe the Sabbath, one will receive the answer to that. As for me, I'm trying to do mostly Christian-related activities. I'm also trying to stay off social-networking sites. But since, my little Sunday Scriptures segment is Christian-related and a scripture-based blog post for the most I think Jesus approves? Hopefully. I'll probably pop over to Facebook quickly just to post the link to this post so I can share it with anyone who would like to have a bit of Sunday Inspiration.

So, back to how I'm observing the Sabbath. Well, I started the day with my family by attending the Sacrament Meeting at our local Woodbury Chapel. After the Sacrament Meeting we attended the Gospel Principles class and Relief Society. All three- my entire time at church- is such a blessing in my life and something that I truly, sincerely, with-all-my-heart look forward to every week. I just love this time I have to become closer to Heavenly Father and those who share my beliefs. I have never felt closer to The Lord than I have after joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. After coming home I read a few articles out of the current edition of Ensign. Right now, as I'm typing this I am listening to LDS Radio online. After I read a few articles, I read some of a Christian Fiction book that I've been reading (and needing to review) called Once Upon A Prince. Afterwards, I folded laundry. I know it's not Christ-related but it had to be done and I just felt sudden inspiration to do it. I've been looking at the same load of laundry sitting in the basket waiting to be folded for longer than I'd like to admit. Cleanliness is next to Godliness after all. Am I right? I guess it doesn't say that in The Bible because I just looked it up on Google... laundry did become a family project though as my son, Zachery, decided he wanted to learn how to fold and hang up his clothes. So woohoo!

Later, I plan for the children and I to play a board game after dinner and when we have our story time we will read more from The Jesus StoryBook Bible, which is amazing. If you're a parent I highly recommend this beautiful collection of Bible stories where "every story whispers his name". We'll watch the accompanying Bible Video (if there is one- so far there has been) on The Mormon Channel app for iPhone (I don't have fancy iPad yet). As the children settle down I plan to watch a conference talk. At bedtime, I will read a chapter from my Once A Day Women's Bible and The Book of Mormon as I do every night. You would think that surrounding yourself with so much.... "God stuff"... would be boring or seem like a chore. It's the total opposite for me, I joyously look forward to my time doing these things and surrounding with God's Love all throughout the day. Just doing these simple little things throughout the day that don't even take very long or even much effort like listening to Christian music or reading a chapter from the Bible really helps keep me focused throughout the day and remind me of my purpose and ultimate goal.

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A church in the country. This view definitely reminds you of God's wonders!
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1 Peter 3:3-4
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And finally, last but not least, a great quote that I found in one of the Ensign articles I read today. This article was from church president, Thomas S. Monson. This totally resonates in my life:

"Some find it difficult to withstand the mockings and unsavory remarks of foolish ones who ridicule chastity, honesty, and obedience to God's commands. But the world has ever belittled adherence to principle. When Noah was instructed to build an ark, the foolish populace looked at the cloudless sky and then scoffed and jeered- until the rain came."

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