Monday, July 15, 2013

Organizing Our Bookshelf

We have lots of bookshelves throughout the house. There's one in the family room which the kids use to keep books on. They also have another one in their room, there's really no rhyme nor reason as to which books go on which bookshelf. It just sort of depends where the books land. Well, the bookshelf was becoming an embarrassment. At one point it was organized, but it's gradually got more and more out of control.

This is what it looked like right before we organized it. So embarrasing. I try to keep the house as clean as possible. I'm a busy mom with three kids (one is my sister, but you know), including one very mobile baby, so I can't claim to dust the windowsills and clean behind the fridge. But, I do the superficial stuff on a daily basis. Mopping (okay maybe that's biweekly), dusting (okay maybe that's like monthly), wiping down the counters (that's more like it), dishes, general straightening up, straightening up the bathroom, making the house look nice in general, etc. Organizing the bookshelf? Well, not so much obviously.

So, we (mostly I) slaved for like ten minutes in the cool air conditioning and voila!

Wow, so much better and such a quick fix. 


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