Monday, July 8, 2013

Book Review: Meet Josefina

Meet Josefina is the story of Josefina Montoya, an American Girl from New Mexico living there in 1824 before New Mexico was even part of America! Like many of the other American Girl books, I read this book when I was a little girl and again recently with my little sister, Chloe, who is seven. Josefina lives with her father and three sisters who don't always get along. The sister's mother passed away a year ago and her presence is greatly missed on the rancho where Josefina lives. 

Personally I found Josefina's story a bit boring and I noticed that it didn't hold Chloe's attention quite as well either. I am giving it 3 out of 5 stars. There just wasn't much moving the story along, sadly. Which is odd because Valerie Tripp, the author, usually writes the best American Girl books- in my opinion. She also wrote the Molly, Felicity, and Kit series. The whole story revolves around Josefina's Abuelito coming home from the Camino Real caravan trip to Mexico City. When Abuelito returns home the family throws a fandango and they have a surprise guest from Mexico City, Tia Dolores, whom the girls try to convince to stay and live with them on the rancho rather than moving to Santa Fe with Abuelito and her mother.

Chloe Says

"I think it was very sad because her mother died. And Josefina was very brave because she stood up to Florecita the goat who is very mean. When her mother was alive, her mother was protecting Josefina from Florecita."

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