Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Art of Reading: Edward Hopper

Hello bookworms!

Well, I had another edition of The Book Babe Checks The Mail planned for today (I'm a stay at home mom... this is very exciting stuff to some of us, okay?!)... but, I had quite an eventful day and I'll probably be posting that tomorrow instead. My almost 9-month-old passed out at the doctor's office when she (almost) got a shot today. The needle went in, but not quite the vaccination. She's okay and doing fine. She held her breath for so long that she just conked out. This is the second time she's done this, but never from a shot. I thought the first time would be the only time because she did it after a scary fall. So one thing led to another and we ended up at the hospital so they could rule out some things. The doctor's believe it's just a phase.

Anyways, I haven't posted any art lately and a kind reader mentioned that she enjoys it, so here is some in place of my other post for now :)

This one is by artist Edward Hopper. Wouldn't you just love to sit in a quiet cafe with a cup of tea reading a good book? I would. I'd also like that mustard jacket she has on :) I don't have the name of this work of art, but if anyone knows I'd love to find out.

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