Thursday, January 24, 2013

Book Markings: The Road

Okay, I know I've had a lot of posts today, but I'm trying to round-out the last of The Road stuff before moving on to Never Let Me Go. So, I'm squeezing this in while the bacon fries (we're having breakfast for dinner tonight, we're so excited!).  My copy of The Road, I bought used like most of my books. Why pay full price for a book if you don't have to, right? I think I got this one used off of Amazon. Pay $10.98 for new or $3.99 used and still use Amazon Prime? Heck yeah. Don't mind if I do! At first, when I happily opened my little Amazon cardboard book envelope thing that they've been mailing books in lately, I was a little put-off that there was writing in it. I worried that the last reader's thought, would mix with my own. I've never been one to write notes in books or underline or highlight (I do for ebooks) so I don't really GET it. But, after reading the book it was a bit nice to see someone else's thoughts. 

What do people write in books for? I've been taking notes while reading via iPhone's little notepad app since I've started book blogging. Maybe this Elle (she wrote her name in the book also) is also a book blogger? Or maybe she was planning for a book club meeting? Either way, I ended up liking the bit of personality that was added to my book.

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