Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Book Review: Midnight on the Moon

By Mary Pope Osborne

Midnight on the Moon is the eight book in the Magic Tree House series. Zachery really likes this series, but sometimes the books are hit or miss for him. Some of the topics he just isn't interested in. However, the moon is one topic that did hold his attention. It's been hard for us to find reading time lately since I leave for work when he comes home from school. However, last night he was waiting up for me (at 10:30pm!) so I had the opportunity to read him a book before bed, so we finished up the last few chapters of Midnight on the Moon

In Midnight on the Moon, Jack and Annie are trying to find the last "M thing". What starts with "M" on the moon? They go on a small adventure looking for the items that will unlock the spell cast on their mentor Morgan. They learn the moon is a dark and daunting place. As usual, facts are woven smartly throughout the story to help teach children about the book's subject. I would like to see a few more facts. I think the author mostly covered the moon is very gray, dusty, and lacks gravity. The facts that were presented were probably enough for new readers, I suppose the author doesn't want to overwhelm children who might be reading on their own. You can also buy the "fact tracker" in edition to the book if you want to use the book more for educational purposes than entertainment.

I'm giving Midnight on the Moon 3 out of 5 stars and Zachery and I both look forward to moving on to the 9th in the series.

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