Monday, July 1, 2013

Book Review: Untamed

Um, wow. Okay. *Ahem* 

Well... let me start by saying that when I requested this book on NetGalley I actually thought it was a Christian romance. Oops. Why did I think it was a Christian romance? Because all Christian romances seem to have a woman in period clothing standing in the wilderness, prairie, or other extremely rural locale on the cover. Like this book does. Don't judge a book by the cover, right? I learned my lesson the hard way. Well, I realized once I started reading it that it wasn't Christian, which is my fault not the author's or publisher's fault and I read secular books too, so I had no problem continuing on with it and I'm not going to judge the book by my mistake.

In all reality I should have just gave it up, though. This book was so WEIRD. I cannot even tell you what it was about because it was so strange and confusing. I don't know if it could have been that the way the publisher put together the eGalley, with no paragraph breaks or section breaks which made it confusing or that the story was so boring that my mind kept wandering... I don't know, probably a mixture of both. Without any warning that the we were entering a new paragraph or even section which meant a change of time, setting, character focus, etc I got sooo confused. Someone should fix that. Just saying. But, probably even if the eGalley was constructed properly I likely wouldn't have liked the book. 

I'll try to describe it... um, a country girl's sister marries a rich guy with some sort of British title which I can't remember, but he has a really odd name BenRuin. So, the sister is sleeping with The Duke of Darlington, but the Duke is sleeping with everyone, I guess?? And so, people are getting mad at him because he's so... sharing... or whatever so he has to runaway to the country and hide at the main character's house posing as a woman?? 

Okay, the LOVE INTEREST is a bisexual transvestite. I don't know if that's a spoiler or not, but I might as well warn you in advance. I guess, you realize that the male love interest known as The Duke of Darlington and Lady Rose are all one person. That's not really a revelation. But, then in the middle of the book the main character's sister is all, "hey, you know Jude (The Duke/Lady Rose) sleeps with dudes right?" and he's also sort of hitting on the MC's brother. I suppose one can assume that if a man enjoys dressing up like a lady, he's probably also not totally straight, but I thought maybe this was like a Malice Mizer thing. So strange! I have never read a romance, even if it were secular, with a cross-dressing and sometimes gay love interest before. I just could not wrap my head around it.

After 70% I just had to skim it and skip over the last chapter or two completely and go to the epilogue which almost put me to sleep. I don't know, guys. I did not like this one. I am giving it 1 out of 5 stars which I haven't done in a LONG time.


I received an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book courtesy of NetGalley and Destiny Romance in exchange for an honest review.

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