Friday, June 28, 2013

Book Review: Meet Addy: An American Girl

I probably don't have to describe Addy's story, as she is a classic American Girl, but I will go ahead and talk about her amazing story for any newcomers to AG. So, Addy is a slave living on a plantation in North Carolina. Her master sells her father and brother to another plantation, right before the whole family is supposed to escape to freedom. Addy and her Momma bravely decide to continue their escape into freedom without the men in the family and also sadly, heart-breakingly must decide to leave behind Addy's baby sister Esther. Sigh. That part is so sad, but Esther is left in the good hands of family relations on the plantation. 

This book... it just makes you feel so lucky. I couldn't imagine living during these times. How? How do these people even make it through the day? This is one of those special books that will definitely make the little girl in your life realize how lucky she is. People had it so hard. What we think of as hard is not even what Addy and her family would have considered hard. A bad day for Addy isn't her iPad being taken away from her for the day, a bad day for Addy is the slave master making her eat the tobacco worms she missed picking and/or her family being torn apart in all different directions. Addy and her family have no control of their lives. They literally have to steal that control away from the master. 

I highly recommend Meet Addy to anyone with a little girl in their life. My sister is seven and really enjoyed this one. She loved reading this one even more than the AG books about more pampered girls like Samantha. This book, like a lot of the AG books, really has heart. It's amazing. I truly enjoyed reading this one to my little sister. 

Chloe Says

"I think it's very fun. But the book... it was sad because they had to leave the baby. But, it was kind of happy because they made it to freedom. Please read the book! I think it was sad again, because she had to leave her father and brother, they had to go to this different place. But, at the end of slavery they'll see their own family again."

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