Monday, February 4, 2013

Cool Covers: Tess of The D'Urbervilles

I really loved this book. Sometimes when reading it,  I didn't feel like I was enjoying it so much, but after completing it and thinking of the overall picture it was amazing. Even though I finished this book in the beginning of January I still think of Tess all the time. I can relate a lot to her and some situations and circumstances almost mirror times in my own life perfectly.

The actress in the mini-series looks almost how imagined Tess.

The woman on the cover here looks too smug and Grecian or Roman to resemble Tess.


Considering how much walking Tess does this cover is very appropriate.

COW. Highly appropriate for the cover of this book.

Tess the milkmaid.

Love this one.

This is my favorite.

More cows.


I love this one too. Tess spends a lot of time milking cows.

Very nice.

Tess is very one with nature. 

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