Sunday, January 27, 2013

Books Mentioned in Books

Sherlock Holmes

There was even a rumour that some classic books-like Sherlock Holmes ones-weren't in our library because the main characters smoked too much, and when you came across a page torn out of an illustrated book or a magazine, this was because there'd been a picture of someone smoking. (Never Let Me Go, pgs. 67-68)

Daniel Deronda

That was why, that afternoon I was reading Daniel Deronda on the grass and Ruth was being irritating, I decided it was time someone pointed it out to her. (Never Let Me Go, pg. 122)

War and Peace 

You could go around implying you'd read all kinds of things, nodding knowingly when someone mentioned say, War and Peace, and the understanding was that no one would scrutinise your claim too rationally. (Never Let Me Go, pg. 123)

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